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Dutch keepers discuss shootout substitution

07/07/2014 from:SNTV


Dutch goalkeepers Tim Krul and Jasper Cillessen reflect on Louis van Gaal's usual substitution which led to the Netherlands' quarter-final win over Costa Rica.


SOUNDBITE (English) Jasper Cillessen and Tim Krul, Netherlands goalkeepers:

(on whether the substitution against Costa Rica was planned):


"I didn't know about it before. The coach told Tim but not me so for me it was a big surprise. He knew more about it so I'll let him answer it."


"Like Jasper said, the manager and the goalkeeper coach told me before the game that if we had another substitution left, the possibility would be there that he would use me for the penalty shootout. Obviously for me, the whole game I was watching it in a different view because I knew the possibility could be there."

SOUNDBITE (English) Tim Krul, Netherlands goalkeeper (on whether the substation affected the match):

"I think it definitely had an impact when I started my warm up I think the whole (Costa Rica) bench was kind of confused at what was going on. I think if you see their manager's face when I came on he was looking over to our manager to see. His face was priceless. So it's definitely one of those fantastic moves, obviously it's easy talking afterwards now we've won but it definitely had a big impact."

SOUNDBITE: (English) Jasper Cillessen, Netherlands goalkeeper:

"Yeah, I wanted to play everything and I also wanted to play in the penalty shoot out but the coach made the decision that Tim's better and I have to accept it. I was only angry because I got out and that's what happened."

SOUNDBITE: (English) Tim Krul, Netherlands goalkeeper (on approaching the Costa Rica players before each penalty):

"Obviously it's a way of trying to psyche them out. Obviously they are under massive pressure. I was under massive pressure because I had to deliver as well. I used everything in my power to make it happen and luckily it happened."

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